How to Prepare for a Winter Adventure

Venturing outdoors for recreation during winter months can be thrilling and is the ultimate test of your ability to camp and travel and learn to live in harmony with the environment. However, if you are not well prepared then this adventure can turn into a nightmare so being well prepared for any situation is a must. Here are few tips to help you out.

  • Clothing

This is the most essential item that you need to keep yourself warm and dry in snow. The clothing includes base layer, mid layer and outer shells. The base layer has pair of leggings, wool crew shirts and pair of liner socks. The middle layer includes light jacket, sweaters, cargo pants and thick warm wool socks. The outer shell includes waterproof jacket, insulated parka, waterproof gaiters, synthetic and fleece pants.

  • Footwear

Besides your snowboard or ski boots, you will need two sets of boots, hiking boots and something stylish to wear. You will need shoes that protect your ankle and give you a grip on the snow. Always try your boots before buying to be confident with size, grip and weight.  For trekking and other activities a good set of gortex hiking boots will fit all your needs.

  • Illumination

This is probably one of the most forgotten pieces of equipment. The sun is going to go down at some point so you will need some sort of lighting to do the work like setting up the camp, cooking and moving around. Pack headlamps and flashlight as well as extra batteries in case you need them. Additionally, you would need a lighter, matches and fire starter for emergency survival fire.

  • Other Essentials

These include navigation equipment (compass and map), signalling device, small snack, multipurpose knife, sun protection including sunglasses and sunscreen, adequate water and first aid supplies.

These are few of the items to help you prepare for winter adventure.